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Water resistant tankie fleece


Our fleeces make the perfect base layer to be worn under your dogs favourite harness, to retain their body head and keep them warm during cold spells. The fleeces are both water-repellent and machine washable, featuring no buckles, straps or unnecessary faff and are ideal to quickly put on or off your pooch. 

As with our clothing range the sizing is bespoke to Hey Bert. It has an elasticated waistline, specifically tailored to miss their private parts, and also allow flexibility to be easily placed over the dogs head, and the paws lifted through into the front leg holes. 

Our fleeces are made from the same material as the premium brands on the market, but at a fraction of the cost and with a much more simpler size guide.

Sizing as per breed examples:

XS: Daxie, Shitzu

S: Pug, Boston Terrier

M: French bulldog

L: Basset Hound

XL: English Bulldog


please swipe for the size chart or click here

Sunny Days Dog Fleece

PriceFrom £24.99

Returns are accepted on all unworn fleeces, which are returned clean, usused and free from dog hair.

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