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6 reasons why you need to buy a dog Hey Bert fleece

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

  1. Dog fleeces are an essential part of keeping your pup warm and cozy during the colder months and with the cold spell about to bash Britain in true UK style, the time is now!

  2. Our fleeces are made from the same high quality, water resistant fleece as the leading and pricier brands out there. So save yourself on average £8-£10 when you grab a HB fleece.

  3. They are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal to be layered under a harness on your favourite dog walks.

  4. Dog fleeces are water-resistant, so your pup will stay dry even when it’s raining. However, if you're stuck in some sort of torrential downpour, the fabric would eventually become saturated and your pooch would not remain dry.

  5. Why faff with zips and don't get me started on dreaded velcro, our fleeces are easy to put on and take off, so you can quickly adjust your pup’s temperature as needed.

  6. Dog fleeces are also very durable and can last for years, meaning you won’t have to replace often HOWEVER, with the gorgeous HB colour and affordable price point - we can't guarantee that you won't want the whole collection.

a spaniel dog wearing a green waterproof fleece.

a black spaniel wearing a yellow waterproof dog fleece in size medium

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