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Happy Halloween!

It’s September the 1st which means I’m now at peace with all this Halloween talk!!

So I guess now is the time I can officially share with you my Halloween design!!

Just like my Christmas design which has been drawn since May… I do like to get ahead of the game with drawing my prints well before the season of release. So you may have seen some sneaky peaks on our instagram, but I haven’t yet shown the design in full scale!

My Halloween print this year is of course inspired by the incredible Hocus Pocus film, of which the sequel is being released this month!

If you’re a fan of the Sanderson Sisters then this design is for you, and best yet…. I’m releasing the print across five different pieces! One of which is a completely new item to Hey Bert - the excitement is real!

I hope you love the print as much as I do!

Launch date: September the 30th!

Livy x

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